Bay Shiras

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Hehe. The skybox is making me happy. Everyone I bring there goes - WOW..
A bit of RL in SL. If you are interested, just IM me and will show you.

Friday, November 10, 2006


Almost a month since last blog entry... Well, i don't know if i will keep up the blog, but for now i will :-)

We have moved again... Cirra Jarrico decided she wanted to sell Nordica Village and we decided that we needed a new home. Dutchy found the most amazing place in the Rainforest. We are actually living in the root of a gigantic tree. Dutchy decorated it with Aztec ruins. It's like a dream. You just have to see it. I got myself a Neko skin, tail and ears, and so did Dutchy so it fits us perfectly.

I started my business... Crazy Zwede designs. I'm selling the picture frames and the AFK box. i have two stores, one on Kiva island and one in the sim next to the rainforest. Can't say business is booming tho. I have sold one (1) picture frame. That's all. Most likely i will close the stores this weekend. Or next. Dunno yet.

My virtual RL skybox was mentioned in another blog a few days back - Second life fantasies. A friend of mine, Posh showed Loui Market teh skybox and he was impressed. It's always nice to hear.

Well, that's it for now. Until next time. Have fun

Saturday, October 14, 2006

New home and maybe business?

Another exploit discovered. So I'm locked out of SL again. Well, at least I can update this blog then..

We moved again. Not since last post - no it's the same house. But we moved some 50m from the old log cabin to a bigger house. From the beginning I wasn't entirely sure about if I wanted to move, since i loved the cabin. But now I can't believe how small that cabin was.

The house is very nice, but what makes it really wonderful is the way my girlfriend Dutchy decorated it. She even started a business decorating peoples houses, and it has become a big job for her. She is getting a very good reputation as an interior designer. If you want to see what she can do, just drop us an IM and come for a visit.

So, what am I doing? Well, I'm enjoying beeing with Dutchy most of the time I'm in SL. I have got some time to do some things though. I've created and scripted an AFK outhouse for Hajduk, which seems to be a big success. He just say "afk" and sit down in the outhouse that automatically appears. When he stands up, the outhouse is gone. So far the outhouse itself is a freebie made by someone else, but I'm working on creating my own outhouse so I can be able to sell it. Time is my enemy here though.

I also created a picture frame which you can load with pictures (textures or snapshots) and it will automatically cycle through them. You set the time each pic will show in the Config notecard. When the pictures change, they will blend into each other until the next pic is showing. It gives a nice effect to it. At the moment I have three different styles of the frame, but I'm planning to create many more.

These are things I want to be able to sell eventually. I am not at all planning to gain any money from SL, but it would be nice if I didn't need to chip in too much RL money every month just to pay the rent.

If you come for a visit, you have to see my virtual RL in SL... It's a skybox I made for Dutchy where you can view a complete 360 degree panorama from RL. I have got some really good responses for that box. So far it features some of my own panoramas from my hometown. I will eventually script this, to be able to change panoramas with a touch of a button. Also I will add some ambient sounds to it.

If you want to see more, check out my RL panorama site